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I started reading ‘I AM MALALA’ earlier this week. My exams are over and I’m having a short semester break now. To fill the time doing something useful, I decided to get this book instead of a novel. At least,... Continue Reading →

Morning Motivation

Good Morning, lovely! 🙂 it's a brand new day. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. There's a cup of freshly brewed coffee ( not the instant one! ) on your bedside table. Oh, wait, the room is as... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 6

Prompt : " You found the lost key to my heart...I thought it'll be lost forever " Instagram | @ema_writes It first caught my eye while I was hiding inside the hollow of a tree. Melissa was still counting from... Continue Reading →

spilled ice-cream

  I wrote this poem in the point of view of a 7-year-old boy enjoying his ice-cream before his life was snatched away within seconds. The language and observation was of a child's. I'm not exaggerating but I really, really... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 5

Prompt : A lovely girl have turned into a heartless lady Instagram |@ema_writes 05 April 2017 The streetlamp outside the bedroom window was bright enough for her to reach a Marlboro packet on the bedside table, yet dim enough to... Continue Reading →

Meraki – chapter four (final)

Maya laid in bed, staring at the ceiling above while she dissecting the recent events. By now, her heart already has a gaping hole in it. Her best friend, Lena, who would sooth her wounds before, seems to enjoy rubbing... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 4

Prompt : Loneliness. In a good way. As in someone who enjoy being lonely. Instagram |  @ema_writes

Insta Writing Prompt 3

Prompt : "I really hate this way. How many times did I sat in the bus, taking good friends to the station and saying goodbye to my beloved ones. When will I see you again, I ask myself so many times.... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 2

Prompt : You and your best friend are inseparable,,,that's what you thought. Then one day your best friend got a job in a " mental hospital" as a psychiatrist. You are so proud of her. She always came back to you... Continue Reading →

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