A beautiful nightmare to whom many hold dear
I am the inviting darkness they all fear
Your fear is what I devour
Do not seek mercy at the eleventh hour
I will soon be gone forever
But before I leave, I will need your favour

Drift off in the day, lie awake at night
Push me away, with all your might
I see your soul yearning to take flight
But you are bound to me with chains wound tight

I am neitherΒ  friend not a foe
The bond we share, no one will know
over time, only stronger it will grow
I am bound to you, where else would I go?

Now close your eyes, fall to sleep
Don’t look for the light, don’t you weep
I am your secret, away from the world you have to keep
Around your neck, can you feel the cold grip?

It is I, your little mistress
I will seduce your mind and leave you breathless
I will hold you, watch you drown in distress
It’s only a question of time my dearest

Tell me. Can you keep a secret?