first, we are humans.

there are people in this world

who disrespect a woman

& seek forgiveness from the Goddesses of the high heavens.

those who praise their mothers

& beat their wives.

those who welcome their sons

& push their daughters away

with the same extended arms.

those who protect their brothers

& restrict their sisters.

those who shower praises on the  light-skinned

& spew words of poison on the dark-skinned.

those who enjoy the sexual pleasures

& dare to demand for a virgin.

i said those, because

they are not always men

but also women

who are against women.

my thought of the day. i enjoyed the posts and poses on International Women’s Day. we were celebrated but I think both men and women should be celebrated every single day. i am NOT a feminist, i am an equalist. i don’t strive to prove the world I can do what a man can do too. i’m working on being myself, being the woman that i am and most importantly, being the HUMAN i can become. before throwing labels out there, remember, we are humans first.

I read somewhere that we women mark our success by the number of men who are satisfied by us. this idea creates a competition amongst ladies who could be supporting each other instead. bring each other up. there’s a reason why the saying goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’

start spreading love, compliment each other and accept the opinions of others.

here’s to the women and men of this world. i celebrate you everyday.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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