Fly High, Touch the Sky

Do you have a dream you wanted to achieve badly but didn’t pursue it? Let me ask you this.  Why didn’t you go for it? Here are some possible answers.

I was told NO by________. So I stopped.

Here’s the thing. Nobody stopped you. You yourself chose not to pursue it. Why? Because you chose to listen to the opinions of others. Yes, we have to be respectful to our parents,teachers and others (momma raised me right!). I’m not asking you to go against them. They’re humans too, meaning they’re not always right.

Ask yourself why this person has told you NO. Most of the time, people repeat what they hear. That uncle in the above mentioned example most probably knows next to nothing about the fashion industry. When you’re alone, take some deep breaths and ask YOURSELF if this is what you want. The answer comes immediately.

It’s a long way! I have to invest so much time to reach my goal! What if it isn’t worth the effort in the end?

To you, I say this :

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Because it wouldn’t be as prestigious if it were built in a day. Did the effort they put into building Rome pay off at the end? Heck yeah! There is no shortcut to achieve any dreams, sweetheart. I like to think of it as a walk on a long road. It would be lined with tall trees, beautiful flowers and chirping birds. The road is not made of marble. It’s made of earth, with pebbles and stones,even thorns. There are no streetlamps, you rely on the moonlight in the darkness. There will be blood, sweat and tears shed in this journey. You will fall down from time to time. Chin up and look forward. Pick yourself up, dust off the dirt and walk onwards. It is recommended that you take in the scent of the flowers, the flying birds and light breezes. I can’t tell you how long this road will be,  that depends solely on your willpower and belief. But I promise you that the destination will be worth every bit of effort you put in.

Do you know how hard is it to reach my goals? It’s not so easy as what others have in mind!

First of all, be happy I didn’t hear you say this because you’d have nightmares when I’m done talking to you. Every one of us have different dreams. Even if we shared the same dream, our paths will not be the same. Nobody has the rights to decide if dream A is easier than dream B or vice versa. Less talking, more walking. The thing is,  while you’re busy groaning about how tough your path is without taking a step forward, someone else has taken 5 steps ahead of you towards their goal. MOVE!

I have responsibilities, I can’t set some time aside for my goals.

Yes,  I agree on this one. Given the choice, I’d love to spend my time writing and travelling to get ideas. But I have my studies and a home to take care of. Here’s the thing, I used to spend my weekends and evenings watching movies or videos online. I deserve it after the long day spent in the lecture halls! This free time now is used wisely by coming up with topics to post on my blog and poems I’d like to post on my instagram (@ema_writes) I do watch videos time to time but I restrict myself to an hour. If it was a movie, I’ll continue some other day. This made me focus on my writing and spending time wisely. It is possible, it’s only a question of managing your time well. Start by allocating time once a week and work from there.

I don’t know where to begin. I don’t have the means to reach my goal.

You have a dream. That’s enough to get you forward. This journey is fueled by your own believe. Life is a reflection. If you believe in your dreams wholeheartedly, many doors will be opened for you. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from! Believe and receive! Rags to riches stories are real simply because they believed in their dreams and hustled hard to get to their destination. Coming from a poor background didn’t stop them from being millionaires.


Find inspiration and stay motivated. Any dreams are achievable only if effort is put in. If you fail,  it’s not the end. It simply means the Universe wants you to find another way. There will be haters, there will be some people who make fun of your dreams and there are some who will pull you down with their very own void of darkness. Don’t cave in! Search for those who are positively working hard towards their goals. Build each other up, don’t be selfish. Life is a mirror; what you give, you receive. Hustle hard! Fly high, touch the sky.

Someone told me once, “The first voice you hear after asking yourself a question is the voice of your heart. Listen to it. Don’t silence it.” I listened. Here I am, following my dreams to inspire others by writing. What’s your dream?


One thought on “Fly High, Touch the Sky

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!It’s a blunt sorta pick-me-up,like a reality check.I’m gonna share this wt my gfs.This kinda messages can help build each other up,a lil push a lil motivation.Like u said,DON’T BE SELFISH! 🙂


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