My Prayer

You have probably heard about the terror attack in Manchester today. The victims were children who simply wanted to have a good time at Ariana Grande’s concert. It was supposed to be a night filled with memories, laughter, singing along and returning home with a smile on their faces despite their weary bodies and painful throats. It took a turn because a man, mentally and spiritually lost, decided to kill himself according to his understanding of what God needs. Most of the tabloids are highlighting that it was ‘Islamic terrorism’. ISIS has already claimed that it was a part of their plan. This incident has occurred just before the elections and the minorities find themselves in a very vulnerable position again.

I planned to find quotes from Quran to show that it is actually a peaceful religion. Then I realised, I’d be using holy scriptures as a selective weapon, available to anyone who wants to prove their point. Instead, I will explain my thoughts using the experiences I’ve gathered in life.

Religion never defines a man. EVER. A terrorist is a terrorist, disregarding his religious practice. Racism is on the rise because many of us are defining another person by their background, nationality and religious beliefs. With the recent bombings, Islam is now being labelled as a religion for terrorists. We should stop this idea from growing and the very first step to take is to drop ‘Islam’ before ‘terrorism’. We don’t label someone as the Christian murderer or Hindu serial rapist or Buddhist shooter. So why Muslim terrorist? Before you tell me they should be labelled so because they’re doing it in the name of religion, I will tell you that those fleeing from them, the refugees, are themselves mostly Muslims. To me, religion has nothing to do with these attacks, which are simply a facade to hide those who are spiritually lost.

I’m not here to preach on religions. I want to remind you that before anything, we are humans. I look at your heart, not where you come from, what you belief in or what the colour of your skin is. We are all humans and that should be our race. Love should be our religion.

My heart goes out to the young children and others who have lost their lives during the attack. Normally, I don’t express my opinion after incidents as such. But I have a soft spot for children.they’re innocent beings who need the guidance of adults. If adults are lost, the children will be lost too. It would be a pity to see a budding generation fall into the false beliefs and ignorance of the older generation. Inspire them. It begins with you, me, us. Love and only love. Focus on the good things in life and the world. Channel your thoughts and energy there. We have to stop allowing fear and worry control our lives. Imagine a world where each and everyone of us is happy and peaceful. Impossible? No. We just haven’t experienced it yet.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their lives and their families, not only in Manchester and war-stricken countries, but also you. Be happy. Life rules by worries and fears can naturally be ruled by happiness and peace. Take that step. Here’s a hug and love in the form of a poem. Pass it on to anyone who might need it. Spread love.

A child of love



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