Insta Writing Prompt 2

Prompt : You and your best friend are inseparable,,,that’s what you thought. Then one day your best friend got a job in a ” mental hospital” as a psychiatrist. You are so proud of her. She always came back to you and tell all those interesting things in the hospital, especially about one particular patient. That patient is schizophrenic. As months passed, you best friend became a lot like that patient…..the next plot is up to you.

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There were some sunrays sneaking into my room through the window when I opened my eyes. It promise a good weather today. I tried to recall the nightmare I was having. Long white corridor decked with lights too bright to even look at. The white walls were stained with bloody handprints and blood splatter. I was chasing a black haired guy with a large knife. He tripped and fell, his spectacles disappearing under a table. I moved closer and held up the knife, plunging it down to his heart and the dream ended. It was too vivid to be a nightmare and I shuddered.

“Good morning, Daniela,” came a soft voice from the foot of my bed.

“Tina? When did you arrive?” I asked, propping myself up with my elbows. A ‘Dr Tina A.’ badge was pinned on her white coat. She smiled at me from where she was seated and let out a long sigh.

“Your patient again?” I asked her sympathetically, “Tell me what happened.”

“First, your breakfast. Then, the story,” she nodded towards a table next to me where a tray of breakfast was ready. I could see steam escaping the cup of tea and noticed how hungry I am. Warm toasts smeared with jam and butter were lying on the plate. I devoured them and drank the glass of orange juice to wash them down. Beaming with excitement to hear the story from Tina, I brought the tea back to my bed and sat down facing her.

“He’s getting out of control now. He is hallucinating much more and last night was so horrible! He was convinced I was trying to murder him! I’m his doctor, why would I do that! He simply doesn’t listen to any of my advises,” she cried out.

“That’s absurd! Is he taking his medications at all? Oh, Tina. I feel so sorry for you,” I said. It must be really hard being a psychiatrist and handling one of the worst cases of the new hospital. I moved to hug her but something next to the  breakfast tray caught my eyes. My pills! I should take them. For some reason, I was transfixed on taking the pills. Tina was my best friend and she is upset and i should be consoling her. As I was reaching for them, I heard Tina muttering, “Oh Alan, why don’t you listen to me anymore?” Suddenly, my head felt heavy and I crawled back to my bed. “Tina, I’m sorry.. I … sleep…,” saying that, I fell into a dreamless sleep.


I woke up feeling extremely groggy. My head was heavy and I didn’t want to fall unconscious on the floor. Looking around the room, I saw a tray on the table. It must have been lunch and it should be cold now, not that I was hungry. “Oh Alan, why don’t you listen to me anymore?” someone had said that. When? Why? It was Tina! She was here! I looked at the foot of my bed but she wasn’t there anymore. But there was a brown file at her place. Groaning while getting up, I reached out to it and began reading the first pages.

Name : Alan Deis

Age : 34

Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder

A photograph of a man with pale face and sunken eyes stared back at me. He had a pair of spectacles on and his black hair stood out against his pale skin. This man looked vaguely familiar. This must be the patient she talks about. Patient file cases are highly confidential and curiosity isn’t something easy to be overcome. I closed it and decided to think about what Tina has mentioned about him. Apparently his hallucinations has been increasing and extremely difficult to be dealt with. His has many alters and he is losing the battle of keeping control of his body. Tina mentioned how they were friends at the beginning and she gained his trust. He had listened to her advise of forgetting the medicines and listened to his heart to be healed naturally. I thought she took a great risk there, given how serious his condition was.

Tina had the upperhand until he decided otherwise. He began taking the pills and slowly turned against her. He was very convinced that she was plotting something against him. But what would she gain if she got rid of him? Less stress, of course. Tina wouldn’t murder anyone, she’s too kind. I’ve known her for almost 6 years now and she has been there through thick and thin with me. She is very persuasive, with her sultry looks and well trained body language. I think she frets too much over him because she has the tendency of loving fiercely, getting attached quickly, and being very protective of her loved ones.

I opened the file in my hands again and read the detailed records of this man.

Alan Deis, born 31 March 1983, has been hospitalised at Luna Marie Mental Institution on 05 January 2017. He suffers from D.I.D since the age of 15, after years of emotional and physical abuse by his father. The host (Alan Deis) was abused upon realising he was a woman trapped in a man’s body at the age of 11.  His former psychiatrist, Dr Anita, has managed to find 3 parts – of which 2 are as of now quite dominant. These alters are Daniela S. – his dominant female alter and Dr Tina A. – his favourite psychiatrist in his other world. It is assumed here, that the names of these personalities are in fact anagrams of the his own name and the first name of Dr Anita.

There are a few cases of outbursts and uncontrollable hallucinations. The first attack was on Dr Anita herself with a knife. He had aimed for her heart but was stopped on time by her male assistants. Over the course of his stay, there have been minor attacks on nurses reported but nobody has been harmed. When confronted about the attacks, Alan does not recall the events and it could be assumed that the third unnamed personality was the host at time of attack. The switch is unpredictable and it is not easy to find the trigger.

Encounters between Daniela S. And Dr Tina A. reduced at the beginning of treatment. During hypnosis treatment, it was found out that Daniela was the woman Alan Deis wants to be. Tina A is a best friend, given Dr Anita was the first person Alan Deis could reveal everything to. The third part is most probably the fierce personality, angry with the world and the treatment Alan Deis has received from other people thus far.

However, nurses have been complaining about Alan Deis not taking his medications which led to the recent rise in hallucinations and return of Tina A. There will be more treatme…

I couldn’t read it anymore. Who is Alan Deis? Why would I be a part of him? I am Daniela S! This is my body, my thoughts, me! How dare they treat Alan this way? Hasn’t he suffered enough? I will protect him. Unnamed personality they say. PAHH! I am Rache. I am the revenge they deserve for treating Alan this way.



PS : Rache means revenge in German. I thought this would be a suitable name. Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comment section below. Follow me on Instagram @ema_writes if you would like to send me a prompt.  Cheers xoxo

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