Morning Motivation

Good Morning, lovely! 🙂 it’s a brand new day. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. There’s a cup of freshly brewed coffee ( not the instant one! ) on your bedside table. Oh, wait, the room is as warm as it is under your blanket! Breathing exercise because healthy lifestyle. You think of your overnight oats in the fridge and the antioxidant smoothie you have to prepare. Your phone rings and oh look! Work/ school is cancelled and you get to stay in!! PERFECT.

Also, that never happens.

Most of us wake up looking like a mess. i personally look like I ran a marathon while everyone else was asleep. The room would be colder than the cocoon of heat we’re trapped in under the duvet. There are days where the sun won’t shine and even that affects our mood. Next comes breakfast, not all of us have it. our minds are already raking through the to-do list and just like that, a brand new day turns into just another day. A routine.

Notice I mentioned ‘most of us’ above? I was convinced every one felt the same way until I met my husband. He would get out of bed no matter how cold or tired he felt. He was amazed to see how long I could sleep even if I went early to bed. It took me months to see what made it different for us in the morning and the very basic approach we had held the answer to my question.

ME : It’s just another day.

HIM : It’s a new day.

I had the most trouble getting up during winter. It was simply too cold despite having the heater on. The days were dark and grey and cold. I noticed how this affected my mood but I didn’t know what to do against it. Earlier this year, the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released. What has this got to do with anything, you ask? Well, along side the Rose in a Jar DIY, Belle make-up tutorial and arguments about Emma Watson changing the role of Belle, there was a famous saying on the internet.

• wake up Beauty, it’s time to Beast 

I thought it was catchy and it motivated me a little bit. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough! So I set aside 30 minutes and came up with my own Good Morning Mantra.



I begin by giving myself some love. Many of us give others our attention and we forget ourselves through our routines, work, school, studies. Mothers think about their children. If they’re working they will think about the workload or if they’re housewives, they have to think of the chores. I usually wake up and wonder what I could prepare for my husband’s lunch, what needs to be packed for my long day at the university and grocery list. This is why I begin the day with self-love. I have a small talk with myself (it’s normal!) and envision the feeling I want to have throughout my day. I swear, this makes me happier than an acai bowl (been there, done that).

The love I give myself is a fraction of the love I have in me. I make it a point to share this whenever possible with friends and families throughout the day. A simple text on WhatsApp makes someone’s day. Recently, I’ve also begun complimenting strangers and their smile makes me happy! SPREAD LOVE!

As a believer of God / the Universe / the Force / Big Man Upstairs, I try to think of the Creator and be thankful for where I am today. It’s a wonder how gratitude changes everything only with a simple, sincere ‘thank you’. I pray for guidance, His Grace and also for those in need of love.


Give him kisses – #marriagetips We don’t spend much time together because we both leave home early and come back late. To be honest, we spend only about 2 hours together in a day. Relationships become fragile if they’re not taken care of. No matter how sleepy I am or how long my to-do lists are, I always give him occassional hugs and kisses in between. It makes up for the long hours we won’t be able to spend with each other and strengthens our love.

I am sharing my mini mantra because it could inspire at least one of you readers to make your very own. By reading this first thing in the morning, I notice how grey clouds don’t influence my thoughts and I don’t take the sunlight for granted. YOU are in control of how you want to begin your day. Do give this a try and see the changes which will take place. 30 minutes or less to make a list which would improve your day.

It might be in the afternoon or at night when you’re reading this but a new morning will come soon. Make a change.

xo 🙂

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