I Believe In You

Let’s talk about goals, shall we? I’m pretty sure you, the one reading this, have a goal (many goals) in life. It could be A N Y T H I N G. Losing weight? Having the dream job? A relationship goal? Becoming a better person? Eating a whole pizza without feeling guilty? ANYTHING, as mentioned earlier, can be a goal. Now let’s make a two lists :

*insert goal here*

1. I can achieve my goal(s) because…

2. I can’t achieve my goal(s) because…

Do it mentally at least. If your first list is longer than the second, you may carry on hustling and do give me advice on how you keep that grind going. However, if your second list is longer, we’re on the same boat, love. Keep calm and read on. It’ll be quick, I promise. I ask myself the same questions over and over, not realizing that I had the answers all along. We all ask the same questions, even though our goals might differ. Today, my goal is to give you a little, if not big, nudge to pursue that dream of yours


I spend about 80% of my time doubting myself and entertaining my fears when I think about my goal. Do you find yourself simply spending time thinking about what if’s?

  • What if I’m not ready?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • Will I be good at it?
  • Will I succeed?

The only way to find out is to go for it. Move. Take that step forward. As much as we wish and hope, nobody will give us the answer. I know, I know, if only we are able to find out earlier, it could possibly save us time, energy, cost, blood, sweat and tears. But here’s a fact, get ready… We actually spend more time, energy, cost, blood, sweat and tears wondering how things could go wrong, rather than believing things could go right. Newton understood this way back then. If we out in 20% of ACTION, the REACTION will be 20%. 

Credits to bossbabe.inc

I read this on Instagram (Lord praise this app!). It made me think. A LOT. We all have walls of fear and doubt standing tall in front of us. We see them every day and we either lay another brick on top or remove a brick slowly. Now take your role model or the leading person in the field of your interest. They work hard. Every. Single. Day. They know exactly what they want and how they will achieve it. They wouldn’t be where they are now, had they stood there, staring and hoping the wall would break down on its own. They didn’t remove the bricks one by one either. No. They climbed up and over that wall one day, leaving those fears behind. They simply believed in themselves.

BELIEVE in yourself. No one out there can do it for you. Sometimes, you will find yourself lacking motivation or support. Don’t chase that precious goal to please someone or prove them wrong. Pursue that dream because it is what you believe in and it brings you happiness. Reach for that goal because it is what YOU want. Remember what Newton’s 3rd Law is? Well, I found a cheatcode here 😉 Put in 100% of ACTION & BELIEVE, you will receive abundance in return. You are your own hurdle. Climb that wall and reach for those stars.

I believe in you xx


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