Do You Love Your Body?

Before reading further, please answer the following question with a simple YES or NO.


If you answered YES, thank you for your time. You can read on if you like. I’ll post something for you when I can confidently say “YES, I LOVE MY BODY.”   

If you answered NO, this post is for you. Keep calm and read on.


Social media influences our thoughts much and unknowingly, we fall into a trap. Societal expectations are created by none other than ourselves. We are a part of the society we sometimes despise or are a victim of. Scrolling through my social media accounts, I was disgusted with the amount of hate comments under pictures of models/ celebrities/ fitness gurus and more. It ranged from YOU’RE PLASTIC! to IF ONLY I HAD THAT MUCH MONEY.. and to ATTENTION-SEEKING WHORE. I can’t imagine how tough celebrities must be to handle all that hatred and body-shaming. I’m sure most of you reading this must have been victims of body-shaming too.

Let me tell you something. These bullies are very much unhappy with themselves or their lives. There is no way that a person who claims to be happy and content, would spew hateful words to those around them. They are venting, indirectly, because of the happiness you have and they will seek to bring you down. I call them the energy-parasites. However, we easily become victims of them. We begin to believe them – ‘Maybe I am fat? Maybe I really need to lose weight? I really am ugly, them keep telling me that. Am I really too skinny?’ I was a victim of these bullies once. Thanks to maturity, my temper they knew too well about and patience, I learnt that these bullies were projecting their unhappiness on me. And I felt sorry for them, so I mentally sent them love.

There is however, a second kind of bullies. The internal bullies. We, ourselves, are our own preys. How many of you can stand naked in front of a mirror and think ‘DAMN, I LOOK GOOD!’ I sure can’t. We’re so programmed to search for flaws first. Stretch marks. Thigh gaps. Flabby tummy. Pudding arms. Double chins. Skin colour. Hyperpigmentation. Need I say more? Which part of your body do you not like? I am sure you could give me a list,seeing as to how we easily spot all the parts we don’t like on our bodies. Here’s what I want you to do. Instead of writing/ thinking I HATE MY ______, we are going to write/ think I’M THANKFUL FOR ______. For example, I despise my stretch marks. But I am thankful for them. They have reduced because I am getting fitter. They are a good sign for me. Time to start being thankful!!!

Next, please forget about sizes and labels. S, M , XL, XXL, XS, XXS or size 0,2,4,6, … THEY DON’T MATTER. You might be thick and aiming for a smaller size. Or you might be thin wanting to be on the chubbier side. I’ve also seen unhealthy people simply accepting their bodies and expecting others to love them for who they are. The only person you should listen to right now is your body. Human body is a wonder. We breathe, we see, we listen, we think, we touch and feel, we smell, we climb, walk, run, sit and much, much more. It has grown with us over the years and do we take time to appreciate it? No, at least, not enough. You shouldn’t be simply comfortable with the body you have. The goal is to BE HEALTHY. It isn’t about being thin or fat. It’s not about losing the extra fat for him or gaining some muscles for her. It also isn’t about THIS IS ME, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. No. Are you healthy? Because the size of that fit Instagram model doesn’t necessarily apply to you. We listen to so many people’s opinions and ignore the signs of our body. Take the necessary steps to improve or maintain a good lifestyle.

The Amber Rose’s Annual SlutWalk made me think. So many women of different shapes and sizes took part in this campaign to encourage women to be whoever they want to be. They respected and empowered each other. Something we should all do on a daily basis. If you see someone with a good body, go tell them that. Instead of spending 30 minutes wondering if it was plastic surgery or steroids, spend 2 minutes telling them what a great body they have. What goes around comes around. Spread some love, get some love. Spread some hatred, you get hatred.

I only want to encourage you to make choices to be healthy. Maintaining a diet, following a routine and avoiding alcohol, cigarettes are not the only factors involved in shaping your body. Learn to love yourself for who you are. Listen to your body, if you’re healthy or not. Then, be happy because you listened to your vessel, the body you have, and acted accordingly. Never be comfortable and ignore the signs your body gives. Take that extra step to understand yourself  and love you for who you are. Be thankful for the body you have, the major, constant, loyal companion in your life. Empower others around you. And if you encounter bullies, don’t crumble. Send some love their way because they are in a dire need of it. Spread that happiness and love.




I hope it’s a yes.


Thank you for reading.

Much love,

e ma xx

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