NO !

Yes, you can say no.

Often times we find ourselves in a situation which we would gladly say NO wholeheartedly, but we end up saying yes half-heartedly. We do this out of love, obligations, respect, habit, fear, and so on. You might have said yes to your parents to simply be an obedient child. You might have said yes to a friend’s request to gain their trust or avoid a drama. You might have said yes to a colleague who needed your help with a work they couldn’t manage. Why can’t you say no?

We are human beings with emotions. We try not to hurt the feelings of others. Also, we don’t need to provide reasons for saying yes. Saying no requires fathomable reasons and no excuses.Plus, it’s easier to just say yes and get it over with. Here’s the thing about being helpful and kind, right. It should make you happy at the end. Not tired. Not miserable. Purely happy and satisfied.

The next time you’re in a situation where you simply want to say no, do it! There is no need to hesitate. If you have a good reason, throw it in there. Let them know! It’s not the same as being rebellious, or selfish. You’re not being disrespectful, because after all, you are respecting yourself.

There is another person we all give in and say yes to, all the time. OURSELVES. Our minds trick us into thinking, “Yes, I need to binge watch a movie instead of doing something productive. Yes, I need to eat all these food because I deserve it.” That’s simply living in a comfort zone. We have to train ourselves to listen to our bodies. Were you really productive to treat yourself to a movie? Are you really that hungry?

We also say yes to our innermost enemies. We convince ourselves we’re not good enough, we’re too fat, we are useless and so on. Again, STOP. The next time you have the following thoughts, notice them and change immediately.

  • Yes, I need to lose weight. No. I need to be healthy. (FAT AND THIN DOESN’T EXIST!!)
  • Yes, I am worth nothing. No. I am precious.
  • Yes, I will never be good enough. No. I am good. I strive to be better.

So, my wonderful readers. Yes, you can say no. I apologise if it seems so brief, but I knew I had to put it out there as soon as possible. Please remember, saying no wholeheartedly is always better than saying yes half-heartedly. You DO have a choice. Choose wisely.

Lots of love, ema xx

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