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December 2017

Fennel Mushroom Risotto

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. I was looking at some photos I've saved in my phone and came across those of the Fennel Mushroom Risotto I made last weekend. My husband said it was delicious and even asked what... Continue Reading →


A cursed royal family. A clueless soldier completely in love. Will he be able to release the family from the clutches of a 100-year-old curse?

Easy Khichdi

Hello there! Thank you for dropping by. i hope you enjoy this easy khichdi recipe. If you are not familiar with spices, do not be intimidated. I've written alternatives in the Notes section at the very end. Enjoy! PS: You... Continue Reading →

Vegan Bibimbap

Hey there! This is my take on the vegan version of a popular Korean dish, Bibimbap. This dish means 'mixed rice', so you mix evry ingredient on your plate at the very end to eat it. Bibimbap is quite easy... Continue Reading →

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