Know Your Worth

Dear you,

You were raised to believe that you are a house seeking an owner. You were told to furnish yourself well in order to impress potential buyers. Know your worth, you know which neighbourhood you belong to. Don’t set your price high. Always look better than other houses.  Put up curtains of virtue and morality, so no one gets to peek inside. Keep your vices and arguments between the bricks and inside the cracks of the walls, and coat those walls white with submission and obedience. It makes things easier for your future owner to choose a colour he likes. Do you have a comfortable couch for him to lounge on after a long day’s work? Don’t forget the chinas of love, happiness, kindness, sympathy you keep in the glass cabinet. They are precious, so take them out only if someone else needs them, not you. You are a house, remember? Oh, have you mowed the lawn and plucked the weed? You should water the flowers, too. Are the pantries and kitchen well-kept ? You must provide good food for your guests, you know. Maintain the temperature in the bedroom, it shouldn’t change. It would cost him his sleep. Now let’s talk about your door.

The front door basically defines you as a house. If it can be easily opened, it is convenient for anyone to enter. If it is sturdier, they might lose interest in you. They might cause some scratches but repair it quickly and quietly. Did you oil your hinges well? Why do you creak every time someone enters? WHAT?! You have been broken into?! Hush! No one will buy you if you say it out loud! Your door should open on command, and remain closed when the owner is not around. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous – you are the house but the owner has the key.

This is how I feel as a woman in this society.

But I want to tell you something very important.

You are not a house.

It is not your fault that they were raised to look for houses and not homes.


You are a temple.

You are the embodiment of compassion, kindness, sympathy, happiness and so much more.

Yes, we all have flaws. If we don’t, we are not humans to begin with.  

You are not defined by the entrance of your temple but the energy you radiate.

You are a goddess residing within its walls.


And nobody owns you.

You own your body.


With lots of love and hugs,




There are many activists out there fighting to end violence and sexual assault against women. I honestly don’t know how to end something that has centuries worth of history behind it. What I know is that a change can be made. I choose to make a change, and so can you.

Send this to a woman you know so she knows her worth and realises that she is defined by who she is, not what she’s labelled by the society she lives in.


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