Review – AvantGardeVegan

This is my very first review and I am E X C I T E D to share my thoughts on this delicious dish. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the review. 🙂

By Gaz Oakley

I recently discovered Gaz on Youtube and immediately fell in love with his recipes (and beard). He effortlessly prepares mouthwatering vegan meals, topped with professional plating techniques. I knew I had to try a recipe soon and decided on a starter he made recently. I just doubled the recipe and made it into a main dish. Best choice ever!

Like any other person trying a new recipe, I ended up replacing some ingredients simply because I had the substitutes at home. Following are the items I replaced :


You can find his recipe here 🙂

In all honesty, I don’t think these replaced items changed much of the actual flavor. Well, it was SUPER DELICIOUS after all. When I fished out the poached mushroom stalks, I squished them and they felt like real seafood. It was mind boggling. I was so confused! But they tasted really amazing.

  • Great texture
  • Very flavourful
  • Well combined flavours
  • Perfect for classy at home meals

The only difficulty I faced was the bacon. My first batch was burnt within 7 minutes. For my next attempt, I added more soy sauce and a tablespoon water to make the sauce runny. Then, I kept a close eye on my second batch and they came out perfect. Mind you, this part is quite time consuming especially when you’re doing it for the first time. They make a great movie snack though. 🙂

When can this dish be made?
Date nights.
Special occasions.
When you shower yourself some love
When you can set aside 1-1.5 hours.

Was it worth the time?
Definitely yes.

Would I make it again?

Can’t wait to try another one of his recipes soon!
I’ve linked the recipe and his channel above.
Until next time, keep cooking with love!

Much love,
ema xx

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