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A cursed royal family. A clueless soldier completely in love. Will he be able to release the family from the clutches of a 100-year-old curse?

Insta Writing Prompt 6

Prompt : " You found the lost key to my heart...I thought it'll be lost forever " Instagram | @ema_writes It first caught my eye while I was hiding inside the hollow of a tree. Melissa was still counting from... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 5

Prompt : A lovely girl have turned into a heartless lady Instagram |@ema_writes 05 April 2017 The streetlamp outside the bedroom window was bright enough for her to reach a Marlboro packet on the bedside table, yet dim enough to... Continue Reading →

Meraki – chapter four (final)

Maya laid in bed, staring at the ceiling above while she dissecting the recent events. By now, her heart already has a gaping hole in it. Her best friend, Lena, who would sooth her wounds before, seems to enjoy rubbing... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 4

Prompt : Loneliness. In a good way. As in someone who enjoy being lonely. Instagram |  @ema_writes

Insta Writing Prompt 3

Prompt : "I really hate this way. How many times did I sat in the bus, taking good friends to the station and saying goodbye to my beloved ones. When will I see you again, I ask myself so many times.... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt 2

Prompt : You and your best friend are inseparable,,,that's what you thought. Then one day your best friend got a job in a " mental hospital" as a psychiatrist. You are so proud of her. She always came back to you... Continue Reading →

Insta Writing Prompt

Prompt : He was the last person I thought I would end up with Instagram | @ema_writes “I love you, Anika. Will you be my girlfriend?” The guy I love just proposed me and what do I do? I walk... Continue Reading →

Meraki – chapter three

Months had gone by after the fateful afternoon. Walls were put up to shield themselves from getting hurt. For the sake of love, they had holes in the walls, unknowingly, to help each other out. Their friendship went through a... Continue Reading →

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