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Insta Writing Prompt

Prompt : He was the last person I thought I would end up with Instagram | @ema_writes “I love you, Anika. Will you be my girlfriend?” The guy I love just proposed me and what do I do? I walk... Continue Reading →

My Prayer

You have probably heard about the terror attack in Manchester today. The victims were children who simply wanted to have a good time at Ariana Grande’s concert. It was supposed to be a night filled with memories, laughter, singing along... Continue Reading →

Meraki – chapter three

Months had gone by after the fateful afternoon. Walls were put up to shield themselves from getting hurt. For the sake of love, they had holes in the walls, unknowingly, to help each other out. Their friendship went through a... Continue Reading →

Meraki – chapter two

The world outside was waking up slowly. Cars drove by and there were some families heading out to have breakfast. There were a number of people who showed up at Meraki only to walk away, disappointed after seeing the CLOSED... Continue Reading →

Fly High, Touch the Sky

Tell me about your dreams.

Meraki – chapter one

Waking up took Maya more effort that morning. Maybe it was the cold outside. Through a window by the bedside, she could see neighbouring rooftops covered in snow. The sun casted a dark shade of orange in attempt to warm... Continue Reading →

miso noodle soup

I wanted to have a date with my husband but thanks to the German weather, we both fell sick. -.- So we had a date at home! Outside on the balcony. How creative of me. Dishes by yours truly. Enjoy... Continue Reading →

Sad Love

Move along, you idiot! I haven't got all day! It was the angry shout of a young man after a long day at work sitting behind the wheels of his second hand car, a gift when he turned 18. Plans... Continue Reading →


simple and quick dish

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